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Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA)

The BBA at Pokhara University is a four year program spread over eight semesters with 120 credits that prepares students for leadership and responsibility in the areas of business and management.
The program offers special training in the areas of Business Education, Accounting, Marketing, and Finance, Human Resource Management, etc. with additional input through seminars, workshops, guest lectures and conferences.

Why BBA?

Our BBA degree provides you with the knowledge and skills in general management, to progress in your career in a management environment across all sectors. The BBA program has been developed for people like you who need to know how business organizations function, through an in-depth investigation of key general management functions and of what it takes to manage such functions. The intended outcome of this qualification is the development of general business managers who are equipped with the skills to perform their roles and responsibilities more effectively, and to create career progression and entry opportunities for graduates.

What can you expect?

The BBA program will assist you if you are new to business or have been working, to move into general management. It broadens your understanding of local and international general business administration and management practices, so you can generate and implement integrated plans, and make decisions based on a holistic understanding of organizational structure, systems, culture and strategy.

Scholarships at Rajdhani 

The College offers various types of bursary to the deserving students in the BBA program:

Second Semester to Eight Semester
SGPA   – 4.00  : 25% tuition fee
SGPA   – 3.75  : 15% tuition fee

First Semester

NEB/University Topper : 100% admission fee and 50% tuition fee
80% and /or Above : 50% admission fee and 25% tuition fee only.

“Management is what the modern world is all about.”

The BBA at PU is a four year program spread over eight semester with 120 credits that prepares students for leadership and responsibility in the areas of bussiness and management.


Students who have successfully completed or expect to complete intermediate or higher secondary examinations with minimum second division are eligible to apply. After the academic process, applicants has to go through Academic test and Interview before enrolling into the program.


  • Complete application form together with two passport size photographs.
  • Original copy of all certificates and transcript of SEE or equivalent.
  • Original copy of all certificates, transcript and migration of +2 level or equivalent.
  • Certificate of equivalence from CDC if the student has passed grade XII from the board other than NEB, Nepal.