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Grading System

Rajdhani Model College prescribes to the four point letter grading system laid out by Pokhara University for performance evaluation of students. The letter grades awarded to students have been meticulously designed to ensure impartial results to students. It has been prescribed that under unusual circumstances, if students are not able to complete all the required coursework within the duration mandated by the university, they are entitled to be marked with an incomplete grade “I” for the interim. In case all the required works are not completed by students in question within the next semester, the letter “I” labeled on their grades as temporary is converted into “F”, which refers to failing. Moreover, performance evaluation of students is carried out based on the following indices:
The Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA), which is the grade point average for the semester, is given by:
SGPA= Total honor points earned in a semester/ Total number of credits hours taken in a semester. The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA),
which is the grade point average for all completed semester is given by: CGPA= Cumulative total honor points earned/ Cumulative total number of credit hours taken.

Course Repetition

It has been prescribed that a course may only be taken once for grade. As the degree requires students to pass all the courses individually, all the students must retake the failed courses when offered and must complete the course in a successful manner. Students will be allowed to retake maximum of two courses to achieve a minimum CGPA of 2.0. It must be noted that the grade earned on the retake examination will substitute the earlier grade earned by the student in that course. It should further be noted that students can retake a course only when it is offered by the college/university.

Eligibility for Enrollment

Students, who have successfully completed or expect to complete, intermediate or higher secondary examinations or equivalent in any discipline, with a minimum of 45% or CGPA 2.0 are eligible to apply for Bachelor courses and 45% in Bachelor for Master Level Courses.

Admission Process

The admission process in the BBA/BHM requires:

  • Complete application form together with two passport size photographs.
  • Original copy of all certificates and transcript of SLC or equivalent.
  • Original copy of all certificates, transcript and migration of +2 level or equivalent.
  • Certificate of equivalence from CDC if the student has passed grade XII from the board other than NEB, Nepal.

For MBA, in addition to the certificates above, certificate for transcript, migration, provision and character certificates of Bachelor are required. College shall keep the original copy of the migration certificate.

Admission Test

An entrance test will be administered in order to test the aptitude of our applicants. The test will measure the following areas of study:

  • General Proficiency
  • Linguistic Proficiency
  • Quantitative Proficiency


A college interview allows a prospective student to get a personalized introduction to the campus and helps determine if the college and particular majors or programs of interest are a good fit for an
individual student’s chosen career.

Online Application

you can apply online here.